JVM Applications as a Service With systemd

Let’s say you have written a Java application that exposes an HTTP service. For example by using Spring Boot or Spark. During development you can probably start your application by running some main class. But when you finally deploy it to a server (and are not using containers like Docker) you need some way to…


Single JAR Spark Application With Kotlin

I have build a great number of Spring Boot applications, very often ones with a web interface. Spring Boot offers a lot of flexibility and configuration options. This can come at the cost of a rather large deployment artifact (usually a JAR file) and noticeable startup times. For smaller projects you might not want to…


Talking Tech Podcast

It’s a big pleasure for us to announce the immediate availability of our new podcast: Talking Tech As the name suggests, the podcast is all about technology in the broadest sense. We have guests from various companies joining us to talk about the projects or products they work on. A new episode will be published…