Shutting down

It’s been only 15 months since we launched our peer-to-peer ride sharing service for everything. Last week we decided to shut down the service. A few weeks ago we got a letter from the Deutsche Bundesbank. They informed us, that we need a permission by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin). This is required since we hold…


Let’s talk about.. Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed language for the JVM that has reached version 1.0 early this year. With goodies such as null-safety, extensions, delegates and full Java interoperability Kotlin is really a pleasure to work with. We started tinkering with Kotlin ourseleves and always like to share our experiences. Reason enough to give some introductory…


Shelf – Managing Project Configurations

The Problem In this article I’m going to discuss a problem which most people wouldn’t even consider a problem: managing project configurations when automating deployment workflows. Now this first sentence probably raises more questions than it answers: What do I mean with project configurations, and more precisely with managing project configurations? Why do I consider…